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Can I use my prescription card at your pharmacy?
Yes, we support most major insurance companies.
Can I prepay my prescription online?
We currently only accept payment at the pharmacy.
How can I transfer prescriptions from another pharmacy?
Just call us with the information from the previous prescription and we will take care of the rest.
What if I forgot to pick up my prescription at the indicated time?
We will hold your prescription for ten days. After those ten days, we will be happy to refill the prescription for you upon request.
Can I pick up my mother's prescription? What information do I need?
You must show the proper identification and you must, according to HIPAA guidelines, be an authorized caregiver for the patients whose prescription you are picking up.
Can you help me with Medicare Part D questions?
Yes, we have trained Medicare Part D professionals on staff.
How can I get my prescriptions after hours?
You can reach us on the emergency after hour hotline at 254-746-7917. Please note this is for emergency purposes only.
If I have no refills remaining, can I still request a refill online?
Yes, we will contact your physician for you to request a refill. You will be required to enter your phone number so we may contact you at a later time.
Can you deliver my prescriptions?
Yes we will call to schedule delivery once we receive your request and phone number for contact.